Assistant Paralegal at Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP

  • Assisted in the preparation, filing, and tracking of employment-based nonimmigrant petitions, including E, H, L, and TN visas
  • Utilized Department of Labor databases to develop prevailing wage data and certify Labor Condition Applications (LCA) in support of clients’ H-1B petitions
  • Initiated preparation of the I-140 to begin the green card process for immigrant visas
  • Prepared guidance memos regarding consular visa processing for overseas clients from dozens of countries
  • Worked with clients to understand their business and immigration priorities, monitor regulatory and policy developments, and draw on extensive firm resources to proactively counsel clients on strategies for most effectively managing their immigration programs

Asylum Officer at the Department of Homeland Security

  • Adjudicated asylum applications and I-601 waiver applications
  • Reviewed applications and supporting evidence, conducted interviews, and researched appropriate information provided by the Office of Refugee, Asylum and International Operations, the Department of State, and other sources
  • Interpreted and applied appropriate policy, regulations, statutes, and precedent decisions to make eligibility determinations, particularly INA § 208 and § 212
  • Produced written assessments supporting asylum decisions
  • Reviewed information from law enforcement databases and other records to identify individuals who are ineligible for asylum due to national security, public safety, or other grounds
  • Completed the six-week-long Asylum Officer Basic Training Course (AOBTC) in Lansdowne, VA

Assistant Case Worker at the Kentucky Refugee Ministries

  • Assisted in the administrative aspects of refugee resettlement, including applying for social security numbers, social benefits programs, and subsidized housing for dozens of individuals in Louisville, KY
  • Researched and wrote analyses of crisis situations worldwide to increase understanding of the dynamics of current refugee flows among the caseworkers and program directors
  • Volunteered in English as a Second Language classes, refugee children’s summer programs, and community awareness-raising events
  • Implemented new electronic system of maintaining hundreds of refugee case records from the past five years and maintained existing hard-copy records in complex filing systems